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David Molinari can’t escape it: He’s compelled to write songs. Indeed, the Grand Rapids multi-instrumentalist figures he currently has at least three albums’ worth of original material stored up for upcoming albums, including a possible solo project and a recording with his band, Creolization. And it’s an inventory of songs that covers a lot of musical ground. “I grew up with my dad listening to old country, my brothers were listening to ’60s rock ‘n’ roll and my sister was listening to disco. It all kind of gets in there I suppose,” he surmises, confessing he has difficulty describing his rootsy, musical style that ranges from folk to rock. “I just kind of let a song be what it wants to be. I used to worry about having a unified style and I just decided to not worry about that anymore. I’ll even write some things sometimes that maybe I shouldn’t be singing.” Since moving to Grand Rapids from the Chicago area in 1987, Molinari has used those compelling originals to put himself at the forefront of West Michigan’s singer-songwriter scene, performing regularly at venues such as downtown’s One Trick Pony, where he last appeared on June 19, 2014.

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